Whitman Robocats

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With A Newly Updated Site, the 2017 Build Season Ends!

FIRST is a non-profit organization works to help students inspire innovation, self-confidence, communication and leadership.

Any Student at Walt Whitman High School Can Play a Major Role


Whether you are a math whiz, computer nerd, art lover, or math prodigy, we can find a role for you on Team 2161.



New Fields Of Technology


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Christie Franz 

Robocats Club President

Frederick Feraco

Whitman Robocats Advisor  



Besides Robotics, Team 2161 is experimenting with all new fields of technology ranging from 3D Printing to Google Glass.

FIRST Robotics 


tO engineer

Jaime Rogers

Whitman Robocats Advisor  

(631) 495-3279

Because We Can

Aside from First Robotics Competition, the Robocats also have build projects in the off-season such as our T-Shirt Launching Robot, Bertha.

As a team of self-driven and motivated students, the Walt Whitman Robocats work tremendously every year at the First Robotics Competition and compete against other skilled teams to raise funds to build and program a robot to complete a set of complex tasks at FRC.

  • Programming
  • 3D Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Artists and Other Skillsets Too!