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From Homecoming to Pep Rally, Team 2161 is intertwined with various school run activities and is prominent in extracurricular events.

Our founder

Team Strength

The biggest strength is the team has become a close knit family.  Students have weekly gatherings at their houses just to get together.  As the mentor they call me Papa Robocat.   It has taken me a little time to get use to.   The team has formed their own clan on Clash of Clans and talk about how they are going to war with other clans / how to build a better base.   When the tools are put down.  They have each other.   The best part watching this is that the students are getting together are from different socio-economic status, popularity, and educational level.   All ideas and comments are welcomed and nurtured to bring the best out of people and make them feel welcomed.   During the build season they also everyone stops build to eat and talk like a family.  We could not have planned a better tradition.   Often past members come back not as just as mentors but as big brothers and sisters. Often prom dates are found over a robot build.  Relationships are forged through aluminum, but are built for life.

mission & vision

Building robots and having fun. Our main goal is to learn different forms of engineering while obtaining invaluable teamwork and leadership skills.

Relationships are forged through aluminum but built for life. Team 2161’s close-knit family-like relationship blends various students of popularity, socio-economic status and educational level, as me as Papa Robocat

Giving back

We also give back to our community. Events such as St. Baldrick's where students shave their heads every year to raise money for Children's Cancer Research.

- Jaime Rogers

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